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Presence Established October 1982

Beginning in July of 1998, Tire Disposal and Recycling, Inc (TDR). purchased Waste Recovery, Inc.'s (WRI) Western tire collection operations.  Waste Recovery had begun operating on a small Portland, Oregon industrial site in 1982 and grew to include collection activities in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

TDR opened a Clackamas, Oregon process site in 1998  to serve its’ newly acquired collection activities.  In 2004, TDR moved to a permanent location in North Portland called the Rivergate District.  The Rivergate District is a Port of Portland industrial park complex serving major Northwest distribution centers by providing great access to rail, truck, and marine services.

Together, the old WRI operations and the now TDR  operations have recycled and/or properly disposed of over 136 million scrap tires since January of 1983. That amount is an equivalent of nearly 75% of the Northwest's regional scrap tire generation for the last 20 years, or the equivalent of more than 38 years total generation for the state of Oregon.  Included in these numbers are approximately 10 million scrap tires from stockpile cleanups where the team was contracted to remove, transport, and recycle or dispose of the tires from at least 137 previously permitted, illegal, and/or indiscriminate piles in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. The Northwest's largest public liability cleanup of over 5 million tires at the Winlock, Washington site was completed on March 31, 1998.

TDR’s major focus is the collection and processing of scrap tires from generators located in Western Oregon, all of Washington, and all of Idaho.  Transportation hubs are located in Portland, Seattle, and Boise to provide direct service to our customer base.   The management team, many being pioneers in their area of expertise, offer over 26 years of scrap tire collection and processing service.

TDR participates in several markets for scrap tires to include tire derived fuel, tire derived aggregate for civil engineering applications, whole tire fuel to cement kilns, crumb rubber, and the grading of casings for re-use. The company has also devoted a significant amount of research and profiling of foreign markets including Mexico, Central and South America, Taiwan, China, Japan, and Korea.

For Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, TDR supplies whole tires to several NW cement producers for use as fuel.   For those tires collected in excess of current energy and reuse demand, TDR uses a machine process to chip and/or shred the tires in preparation for beneficial uses or proper disposal.

Today TD&R has over 14 power units and 112 freight vans serving their customers’ collection needs.

Key Personnel

Executive Management
 Mark Hope, a principal and President of Tire Disposal & Recycling, Inc.

 Don Krider, a principal and Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer of Tire Disposal & Recycling, Inc. 

 Jay Krider, a principal and Vice President of Tire Disposal & Recycling, Inc. 

 Ellen Krider, Legal Counsel for Tire Disposal & Recycling, Inc.

Business Management

Buzz Wilcox, Operations Manager for Tire Disposal & Recycling, Inc. 

Alisa Bacon, Office Manager for TD&R 

Kristi Cook, Accounts Payable, for TD&R

Melissa Thomas, Accounts Receivable, for TD&R

         Mary Aleshire-Jones, Transportation Services, for TD&R 

         John McKenzie, HR Manager for TD&R

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