Tire Recovery & Remediation

Responsible tire remediation is critical to avoiding costly penalties or mistakes. If you have scrap tires that are in challenging places or just need a simple pick up … Read More »

Community Tire Collection

Tire recycle amnesty events promote responsible disposal in your local community. Many businesses and residents don’t know what to do with their used tires and are likely … Read More »


Shasta County’s (county) residents, like many other counties and cities, had accumulated waste tires which were being kept at either their homes and/or properties. Most residents were unsure of … Read More »

Road Construction Applications

Embankments: TDA is lightweight, structurally stable and, therefore, functions as an excellent alternative to conventional soil fill when constructing highway embankments … Read More »

What We Offer

  • Waste Tire Collection
  • Waste Tire Processing
  • Market Development
  • Comfort in dealing with a long term, permitted, and sustainable Company