Tire Drop-Off Sites

Waste Tire Drop-Off Sites for Communities in Oregon and California

Bring them to one of our waste tire drop-off sites. We collect all types of tires and sort them for reuse, recycling or disposal at state-designated landfills.  With waste tire drop-off sites in Portland and Prineville, Oregon and Stockton, California, we make it easy for you to safely dispose of your tire waste if you choose to haul them directly to us.

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Around 300 million tires are discarded in the United States every year and need to be responsibly disposed of. Tires that have been stockpiled or dumped can be a hazard to both humans (via mosquito sustenance) as well as the environment (if they catch on fire). Each state has very strict laws governing large accumulations of scrap tires so you could be heavily penalized for leaving scrap tires lying around. Reliable waste tire drop-off sites are an important part of any community

Waste Tire drop-off sites in Portland and Prineville, Oregon and Stockton, California,

At Tire Disposal & Recycling, we offer convenient and cost-effective services to encourage residents and business owners in Oregon and California to do their part in helping to save our planet. Our nominal fee is a fraction of the cost of the penalties you could incur for negligence. Bringing your scrap tires to our registered collection sites  and recycle drop off centers ensures responsible disposal, thus reducing your liabilities as well as pollution in the community.

Avoid Penalties—Bring Your Scrap to a Registered Waste Tire Recycle Drop Off Site

Did you know it could take over 100 years for a tire to decompose in a landfill? When properly recycled, more than 60 to 80%, and sometimes even 100% of the tire can be reused. This significantly reduces the amount of scrap that goes to the landfill.  Where you drop off your tires impacts how they are disposed of.  Moreover, you can be held liable for any negative impact in the remediation process. The simplest way to avoid this is to make sure you go to a registered tire recycle drop off site.

Tire Disposal & Recycling has the necessary permits to handle and process tire waste in the states of Oregon, Idaho, Washington and California. Our trained personnel and sophisticated equipment can help successfully manage even your large and complex tire remediation projects. We are proud to say that since 1983, we have recycled or properly disposed of over 136 million scrap tires in the Northwest.  At our facility, tires are recycled into a variety of products ranging from tire-derived aggregate and  tire-derived fuel to tire-derived feedstock.

Take advantage of state amnesty programs where offered to dispose of your rimmed or rimless tires free or for a nominal fee, or at our licensed waste tire drop-off sites.

Tire Collection Service for Businesses that Need Regular Pick Up

Tire Disposal & Recycling offers an efficient tire collection service for businesses that need regular pick up. Our rates are nominal as we are committed to helping communities dispose of their tire waste in the right way. Local governments, property owners, tire wreckers, junk yards, etc., depend on us to manage their tire waste.  As a customer, you will have peace of mind knowing that our tire waste disposal services meet all required government standards.

Let us help you keep your community clean and healthy as well as avoid the risk of fines by safely disposing of your scrap tires via one of our collection routes in Oregon, California, Washington, and Idaho.

To schedule tire collection, or to learn about our waste tire drop off site’s operating hours, contact our local offices in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and California.

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