Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much money do I get per tire?

A. The scrap tire industry is largely a negative value market, and in order to offset costs we charge for collection and disposal of scrap tires.  The cost depends on the location and tire size.  Call your nearest location for more information.

2. Is there a minimum amount of tires I need to have to get them picked up?

A. Yes, you must have 50 or more tires for us to pick them up or pay the minimum.

3. Do you service residential areas?

A. Sometimes, it depends on access.  Call your nearest location for more details.

4. Can I just drop off my tires?

A. You can at our Portland location, all others are pick up only.

5. Do you pick up on Saturdays?

A. No

6. Do you recycle anything other than tires?

A. No

7. Do I have to take the tire off the rim?

A. No, we take tires both on and off the rims.

8. Do you sell single used tires?

A. No, but if you are looking for larger quantities call 1-877-OLD-TYRE for more information.

9. What if I need directions to the Portland drop off location?

A. Call 1-877-OLD-TYRE for directions from your area.

10. Can I open a charge account with TDR/WRW?

A. Yes, you can fill out an application and after approval can charge your pickups.  Otherwise all pickups are COD.

11. Do you accept credit cards?

A. We accept Visa and Mastercards.

12. What happens to the tires you collect?

A. We use them for a variety of end uses, including alternative fuels, crumb rubber, and reuse/retread.

13. Do you cleanup stockpiles and dump sites?

A. Yes, call your nearest location for more details.

14. Do you spot trailers?

A. Yes

15. Are you legally permitted to collect tire in all 4 states?

A. Yes, we have permits to collect scrap tires in California, Oregon, and Washington.  Idaho does not require a permit to collect tires.

16. Do you have an end use for all the tires you collect?

A. Yes and no, we are always looking for better uses for scrap tires.  If you have any ideas call and see if we can help.

17. Does the EPA have any requirements?

A. Scrap tire removal is regulated at the state level.  Each state has it’s own set of requirements.


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