Tire Derived Fuel

High Quality Tire Derived Fuel (TDF)

Consistency and Cost-Savings with Tire Disposal and Recycling

Over 300 million waste tires are generated in the US ever year, and there is an on going concern for producing tire derived fuel to be conducted in an efficient and safe manner. Solid waste management is a serious concern and Tire Disposal and Recycling is happy to help reduce impact on the environment. Following the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) guidelines, we can help determine if your cement kiln, energy facility, pulp and paper mill power boiler, industrial and utility power boilers are candidates for using tire derived fuel that meets specifications and emissions testing standards.

There have been significant advancements in the making of tires that have increased their durability now more than ever before. While this is great when the tire is being used, it can be a problem when trying to recycle or recover the tire for beneficial use. For instance, many of us worry about the black smoke from burning tires. However, like with most fuels, when burned at sufficient temperatures with the right control of combustion gases and emission control system, it can actually burn cleaner than some other types of fossil fuels. Studies have been conducted and procedures developed to make the best use of scrap tires – reusing and recycling waste tires is both eco-friendly and safe when done correctly.

Tire Derived Fuels or TDFs currently consumes approximately 145.5 million scrap tires annually. Whether using whole tires or processed, tire chips, TDF utilization includes usage in cement kilns, industrial power boilers and co-gen systems, utility boilers, and pyrolysis.

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Tire Derived Fuel

Concerned About Fuel Efficiency and Economy? Consider Tire Derived Fuel (TDF), Economically and Environmentally Sound When Used In the Right Circumstances!

Tire disposal is a topic of interest across the country and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has done extensive work to ensure the best methods are incorporated for tire-derived fuel. The EPA has recognized the importance and value of tire derived fuels as an alternative to fossil fuels. Studies reveal that TDF has a higher BTU value than coal.

With the proper specifications for tire derived fuel, current use and past tests have determined that TDF (Tire Derived Fuel) can be a viable fuel for certain:

  • Travelling grate boilers
  • Vibrating grate boilers
  • Bubbling bed combustors
  • Cyclone boilers
  • Circulating fluidized boilers
  • Stage combustors
  • Cement kilns
  • Lime kilns

Adopting the right method of waste management is crucial to mitigate concern for creating other problems in air, water, and solid waste management as has been proven time and time again through in-depth studies. We work tirelessly to provide the most efficient effective delivery logistics possible to our customers. Our experience with container and bulk shipments helps to avoid shipping delays and costly mistakes. We deliver TDF (Tire Derived Fuel) both domestically to Western US as well as internationally to several Asian countries. Tire Disposal and Recycling  comprises a team of skilled and competent staff with a strong work ethic.

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