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Tire Disposal RecyclingTire Disposal and Recycling Consultation: Expert Plans to Deal with Your Waste

At Tire Disposal and Recycling, we specialize in tire remediation. Our aim is to help recycling or properly dispose of stockpiled scrap tires that could prove to be a public health hazard due to mosquito sustenance, or an environment hazard due to fire.   Local governments, companies and property owners consult with us on their remediation projects. Our clients know they can rely on us to provide tire disposal and recycling consultation for cost effective and environmentally sound methods for remediation

Our Tire Disposal and Recycling Consulting Services

  • Amnesty Programs for Local Governments: Looking to set up a community tire recycling amnesty event? It’s a great way to promote safe disposal of used tires. Many local community businesses and residents are unsure of what to do with their scrap tires. We can help with your tire collection and remediation efforts. Over the years, we have assisted local governments in setting up amnesty events (with either the help of grants or fee for services) as well as properly processing all those waste tires. We collect the scrap tires, and then properly sort them for reuse, recycling or disposal to state-designated landfills.
  • Tire Remediation: Our tire disposal and recycling consultants will be happy to discuss a cost-effective remediation plan for you. With such a broad base of experience, we can properly evaluate any project.  Since we are licensed to process scrap tires in California, Oregon, Idaho and Washington, you will know all activities will be conducted in full compliance with local, regional, and state regulations.
  • Property Pollution Testing Plans for Prospective Owners: Interested in purchasing a property with discarded tires on it? Piles of scrap tires are a real liability. They are costly to remove. They can be a breeding ground for vermin and mosquitoes. We can help you develop a cost estimate to determine proper remediation before you make a property investment.
  • Implementation of Civic Engineering Projects: Tire-derived aggregate, tire derived fuel and other tire derived products save tires from unnecessarily being sent to the landfill. Using these products promotes the recycling, recovery and remediation efforts. We work closely with our product end users who rely on our expertise to use the products effectively, efficiently, and environmentally sound. Contractors, manufacturers, state and local authorities have consulted with us in the development of many projects such as using TDF and TDA.

Benefit from Our Tire Disposal and Recycling History

Since 1983, we have recycled or properly disposed of over 1/4 billion scrap tires in West. We have the necessary licenses, training and experience to help properly handle and process your discarded tires in the most cost-effective way. We have extensive knowledge in how to use our products and logistics of supply.

Whether you are a local government, business or property owner—you can count on us to provide you with the best advice and efficient tire disposal and recycling services.

Contact us at 877-653-8973 for more information, in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and California.

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