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Tire Remediation: Ensure Responsible Disposal of Your Scrap

Responsible tire remediation is critical to avoiding costly penalties or mistakes. If you have scrap tires that are in challenging places or just need a simple pick up, call our licensed tire removal service right away. We collect all types of tires and sort them for reuse, recycling or disposal at legitimate and state permitted facilities.

Scrap tires can pose a risk both to humans via mosquitoes, as well as the environment via potential fire hazard. Did you know that an estimated 300 million scrap tires are generated annually in the United States? Do the right thing and call us to handle your scrap tire disposal needs.

Tire Disposal & Recycling offers a convenient and cost-effective way to deal with your waste tires in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and California. Call to discuss your tire pile remediation needs.

Tire Remediation Responsible Disposal

A Licensed Tire Removal Company Will Help Reduce Negative Impact

Scrutinize tire remediation services closely, you don’t want your problem to be dumped on someone else.  You can be held liable for any negative consequences during the remediation process. Tire collection and retrieval should only be performed by licensed and bonded companies (storage & hauling) like ours that are qualified to perform this job.  Make sure tires are disposed of in a final and permitted way.  A way that eliminates concerns for future exposure.
We have the necessary permits to handle and process tire waste in the states of Oregon, Idaho, Washington and California. We have the trained personnel and experience working with contractors to use the right equipment to successfully manage even the largest and most complex tire remediation projects. Such complex and technical cleanup are exemplified by some of our work in extremely remote areas, steep terrain, and under water environments
Local government, property owners, auto wreckers, etc., depend on our expert collection and remediation services. As our customer, you will have peace of mind knowing that your tire remediation project was handled responsibly and professionally. We can help your clean-up by properly disposing of your scrap tires.

Efficient Tire Collection Services in Oregon, Idaho and Washington

Tire Disposal Recycling:  tire remediationSince 1983, we and our associated companies have recycled or properly disposed of over ¼ billion scrap tires in the west. Our tire remediation services have resulted in millions of tires being recycled into tire-derived aggregate (TDA), Tire Derived fuel (TDF) and a feed stock for Tire Derived Product (TDP) instead of simply sending them to a landfill.
Let us help you avoid the risks associated with improper tire storage (tire piles) to include, local fires, breeding ground for vermin and mosquitoes, as well as the risk of fines for non-compliance.

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