Tire Recycling Amnesty Events

Tire Recycle Amnesty Events

Tire Recycle Amnesty Events: Helping You Efficiently Manage Your Waste

Tire recycle amnesty events promote responsible disposal in your local community. Many businesses and residents don’t know what to do with their used tires and are likely to stockpile them or just leave them lying around. This is potentially hazardous to humans, wildlife and the environment. Organizing regular amnesty programs encourages the community to properly deal with their waste tires that seem to accumulate in the garage or backyard over the years. When people know where to bring their spare tires, they are less likely to let them sit around, collect water, and perhaps create mosquito breeding grounds.

We have extensive experience helping local authorities plan and manage these amnesty events. Being licensed to process waste tires in Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California ensures a proper remediation method. Our tire collection service is equipped to efficiently handle large volumes generated during an amnesty event.

Take advantage of our expertise to help organize tire recycle amnesty events in your community, city, or county.

Tire Recycle Amnesty Events

Ask Your State or Local Solid Waste Authority If Tire Recycle Amnesty Grants to Fund Your Remediation Efforts Are Available.

Today, there are millions of tires lying round in communities across the country and thousands more are added every year. In a bid to round up and recycle or properly dispose of these tires, state governments have instituted grant programs that communities can take advantage of.  You can rely on our deep knowledge and experience to help boost your amnesty efforts.

Utilize Our Expertise for Successful Tire Recycle Amnesty Events

Tire Recycle Amnesty Events: defines Tire Sustainability as Meaning Sustained Recycle And RecyclingSince 1983, we have recycled or properly disposed of over ¼ billion scrap tires in the western region of the United States. Collected tires are sorted for reuse, recycling or disposal at state-designated landfills. We provide critical tire remediation services to local governments, junk yards, tire centers, auto dealers and wreckers, and even local residents. Our cost-efficient services cover a wide area that includes Oregon, Idaho, Washington and California.

Our tire collection service clients rest easy knowing we will properly process their tires and our end-product customers are confident that we will meet their needs through on-time delivery of tire scrap.

Let’s work together to make your tire recycle amnesty events a great success.

For expert help with planning tire recycle amnesty events, contact our local office in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and California.

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