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Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA) for a Proven, Safe, and Economical Alternative

Assure proper recovery with Tire Disposal and Recycling

Tire Disposal & RecyclingWho would think that scrap tires had some beneficial use? Tire Disposal and Recycling has been involved in the legal processing, recovery and disposal of scrap tires for over 30 years. Producing tire derived aggregate has been a big part of that recovery effort. .

Tire Disposal and Recycling provides effective and eco-friendly solutions when dealing with shredded tires and tire chips. Having worked in this industry for an extensive period of time, our team has garnered a wealth of experience that allows us to deal with scrap tires in the safest, smartest way possible. We serve our customers in and around Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California providing for their tire derived aggregate needs.

What is TDA?

Typically, tire derived aggregate or TDA is made up of scrap tires cut into size specific chips. While there is more than one type of TDA, their uses are equally beneficial, ranging from simply diverting waste tires from landfills to helping civil engineers solve a variety of engineering problems. Tire derived aggregate (TDA) provides the following characteristics :

  • Lightweight fill (we offer both, type A and B)
  • Permeable, Free-draining
  • Vibration mitigating
  • Low earth pressure
  • Good thermal insulator
  • Durable
  • Compressible
  • A less expensive alternative to conventional lightweight aggregates

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TDA Roadway

Top Applications for TDA by an Environmentally Conscious Firm

The best part about TDA is that it creates a beneficial use for a waste product that may have otherwise been landfilled. Whether it is through proper management and disposal of waste tires, or building sound infrastructure for locals, we know we’re making a difference. Over the last 34 years, our research and experience have allowed us to work with recycled and shredded tires in an efficient, eco-friendly manner. Tire Disposal and Recycling has a proven history for providing TDA thanks to our broad base of experience. Departments of transportation (DOTs), public works, civil engineering firms, municipal landfills, etc. regularly use our services and products.

The top applications for TDA include:

TD&R defines Tire Sustainability as Meaning Sustained Recycle And Recycling

  • Embankments: TDA is lightweight, structurally stable and, therefore, functions as an excellent alternative to conventional soil fill when constructing highway embankments and slide repairs. It improves stability, reduces lateral and vertical pressure plus potential settlement problems.
  • Landfills: There are multiple ways in which TDA can be used in landfills. Some of these include leachate and recirculation trenches, operations layers and it’s even used as a porous aggregate material that aids gas collection in the gas extraction process.
  • Vibration and Noise Tempering: Trains typically create a lot of vibrations that filter into the neighborhoods. TDA acts as an energy absorber and helps attenuate these issues.

At Tire Disposal and Recycling, we strive hard to contribute to a brighter future. Our employees are dedicated and some have been with us for more than 16 years. We can produce homogeneous products to meet both Type A and Type B light weight fill specifications. What’s more, we ship to a wide range of locations and are licensed and experienced exporters. Our teams in Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California are proactive, experienced and skilled when it comes to the proper management of scrap, shredded tires.

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