Waste Recovery West

Presence Established October 1998

Beginning in July of 1998, Waste Recovery West (WRW). purchased Waste Recovery (WRI) California and Southern Oregon operations. Together, the operations have recycled, recovered and/or properly disposed of over 48 million scrap tires. Included in these numbers are approximately 1.5 million scrap tires from stockpile cleanups where the team was contracted to remove, transport, and recycle or dispose of the tires from at least 13 previously permitted, illegal, and/or indiscriminate piles in California and Southern Oregon

WRW provides scrap tire collection and processing services throughout California and Southern Oregon. WRW’s management team offers 34 years of waste tire collection, processing, and market development experience.


WRW is a leader in market development for waste tires. Market participation includes: scrap tire aggregate for civil engineering applications, fuel to cement kilns, exports, and  re-use.

WRW uses a machine process to chip and/or shred the tires in preparation for beneficial uses as a tire derived aggregate (TDA) and tire derived fuel (TDF). The TDA is used for civil engineering applications.

Late in 1999, WRW opened a process location in Livermore, California to complement its’ existing base of activities located in Redding and Sacramento. Several years later the Livermore and Sacramento operations were consolidated at transportation and processing center in Stockton.  Actual processing now occurs in Redding and Stockton. Together, these locations serve Central and Northern California.

WRW has 10 power units and 200 freight vans serving their customer’s collection needs.

Key Personnel:

Executive Management

  • Mark Hope, a principal and President of Waste Recovery West

Business Management

  • Ricardo Soto, General Manager
  • Niles Olson, Operations Manager, Redding
  • Arleen Grass, Sales Manager
  • Monica Soto, Stockton Office

Tire Disposal & Recycling Waste Recovery West

Collections Service Area:

Portland/Western OR Eugene, Oregon Prineville/Bend/Central OR Medford/Southern OR
Seattle/Tacoma/Western WA Boise/S-SW Idaho Stockton/Central CA Redding/Northern CA

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