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Krider Construction, Inc. History

Krider Construction, Inc. (KCI) has its roots in the construction business.  Their work in the scrap tire collection, processing, and remediation field began in the 1990’s with an initial effort to remediate Oregon’s largest privately owned tire pile.  This remediation effort successfully removed, processed, and properly disposed or recycled over 7 million scrap tires.  Out of this initial remediation effort grew a viable scrap tire business serving areas of Oregon, Idaho, and Northern California that are typically rural in nature.

Located in Central Oregon, KCI designed, permitted, and now operates the State’s only scrap tire monofill.   Tires that can not otherwise be processed for beneficial use are shredded to State specifications and placed in the monofill per their operation plan as approved and reviewed by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.  This Central Oregon permitted site provides a much needed processing site to a region east of the Cascade Mountains which has traditionally paid a premium to ship material to the western part of the State for processing.   It also provides an environmentally safe depository site for shredded tires while they wait for a time when economical recovery may make sense for this resource.

KCI offers cost effective scrap tire collection and processing for tire retailers, county solid waste collection facilities, auto wreckers, and tire production/warehouse centers.

Key Personnel include:

Support Personnel

  • Debbie Jordan –Office Manager
  • Tim Rapp –Plant/Production Manager

Contact Information:

Prineville Office
Phone (541)447-5121
Fax  (541)416-9339
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 177
Prineville, Oregon  97754

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Collections Service Area:

Portland/Western OR Eugene, Oregon Prineville/Bend/Central OR Medford/Southern OR
Seattle/Tacoma/Western WA Boise/S-SW Idaho Stockton/Central CA Redding/Northern CA

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